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    Sourcing, supply and manufacturing specialists for your flows, your costs, your teams.... and your customers!

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    Knowledge and tool mastery are pre-requisites to support our clients, so we train all consultants with the business, soft and IT skills they need.

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    The values behind the name.
    Better than a series a buzz words, if you ask us.
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Our Offer at a glance

Operational Consulting

Operational consulting consists in mid to long-term assignments, and can be approached through various non exclusive angles: 

  • skilled execution: fast and experienced good chain consultants on specific topics where you lack resources or skills,
  • expertise: for ad-hoc support at key moments of the year or a project, 
  • set-up: provide the process, routines and tools used by your teams for a project or their daily duties

Category Management

Spend analysis, supplier base strategy, cost reduction roadmaps and tracking, rolling or zero-base budgeting (ZBB).

Modelling and Costing

Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory and Logistics costs. Optimization with multi-tier, multi-currency, multi-INCOTERM environments and scenarios.

Transformation PMO

Launch and keep your program on track, defuse and solve crisis, firefight where needed, prepare reports and communications.

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Audits and recommendations

Diagnosis and audits are short-term assignments, recurring or non-recurring, following a standard methodology (this is how benchmark is prepared). Their main purpose is to us an new fresh point of view in order to generate new perspectives or confirm and complete existing plans.

It's a unique mindset, but good chain does not orient them as sales pitch for future services, and the level of detail demonstrates a true interest in finding the most impactful and realistic solutions.


Benchmark and intrinsic assessment, transformation potential and budget. Highlight pitfalls and blind spots of current plans.

Organisational efficiency

Departments and org-chart review, costs analysis and succession plans. Benchmark on core and support functions. Map complexity created by (external) growth.

Operational excellence

An external and experienced review of your continuous improvement, BPM or lean initiatives.

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Training and coaching

The edge of any consultant comes from experience.... and training. It seems natural to support clients through the same learning paths of speed, rigor and excellence of execution. 

With certified trainers and experts, good chain has built a vast knowledge library of concepts, methods and tools for projects. 

Part of it is used for the benefits of our customers through training programs, whether business or IT, as well as support to internal consultants and PMO. They are available in-house or on-line and as blended learning.

Supply Chain skills

Onboarding, trainee / graduate programs or exam preparation (APICS, ASCM), available in-house, online. Scheduled or on-demand

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Digital productivity

Technology showcases, training to ETL and BI software, digital productivity and time management coaching

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Transformation PMO

Spend analysis, supplier base strategy, cost reduction roadmaps and tracking, rolling or zero-base budgeting (ZBB)

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IT studio

What's your IT budget? The question could bounce back as how much are we ready to waste.... most of the time. 

  • Off-the-shelf software companies have a "fit-in or pay" approach to their customers
  • Agile coding teams will make you pay for every sprint to let you discover the "user needs". 

It turns out, supply chain best practices are well documented and known to supply chain professionals. The choice is reduced to finding the right fit between speed, governance and budget, as well as an honest guide or implementation partner. And that is a lot more subtle and efficient than blowing a few millions on a PLM or in platform subscriptions...

Software and data strategy

Choose the best fit for your supply chain. Avoid marketing buzz and costly architecture mistakes. Cruise through IT RFQ like a champ.

Reporting as a Service

Get your data cleaned, best practice reports and scorecards prepared and distributed securely to your teams and suppliers, without the related workload.

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Custom apps

Hackathons for POC and MVP. Development of niche web and mobile apps for productivity in the office, the lab or the factory.

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