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Whether for a summer internship, a gap year or a career as a management consultant, good chain can provide the training, path to maturity and industry / multicultural exposure that are the natural rewards of the hard work of management consulting.

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Who we are looking for:

good chain provides a unique experience to fast learners, eager to step up to hard rewarding work opportunities.

Both personally and professionally, you will find, test and push your boundaries as a joiner with us. Whether a fresh grad from uni, a consultant after a couple of years in an industry, or a consultant with a previous firm (Big 4 or not), you will probably have to relearn a lot, because during the project, there is little room for error 

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We welcome talented applicants from all backgrounds.

The interview process:

With digital, it's fairly straight and smooth. A hiring process is usually in 3 rounds:
  1. An online assessment: do it on mobile or laptop
  2. A face-to-face or video call with a manager
  3. Depending on the role you're applying for, either another face-to-face, or a quantitative case study.
After this, an offer will be made to you (hopefully!). Anyhow, we made the process so that you will learn things along the way. 

On your joining day, you'll follow a classic on-boarding and training process of 15 to 90 days depending on your level, leveraging our digital tools and training so you can focus on one thing: your customer.

What it is like, once you've joined:

Beyond constant project management, we have a few rituals that bring together the team, whether full time, part time, interns or directors. This is how we bond as a team:
  • Once a month, we review the Business news, perspectives and lessons learned
  • Once a month, we go out for an accessible hike in our beautiful HK
  • Once a year, we take part in a nature cleaning event
  • Once a year, we take part in a team sport or adventure event, whether small or big

As with modern workplace, everyone may have a different work arrangement, based on constraints as well as preferences: full time, part time, contractor, at customer location only, working from home only. But half a day per week on average, its training time, which is also the opportunity to learn and share with others.

The consultant trifecta

As a modern management consultant, you will be trained on 3 aspects

  • your behavioral skills: whether it is to manage your time, a project, learning how to support a client in a difficult situation, manage conflicts or drive change, there is very little that cannot be learned. Ho wait, maybe .... waking up and arriving on time 😜. 
  • a business major, that will start from one specific client process (strategic sourcing, negotiation, merchandising, quality inspection, planning, product development). The more experienced the more processes and the deeper you will master. Until you become a certified instructor!
  • your digital proficiency: Excel and PowerPoint will become second nature. So will at least two of the 7 platforms used for Project Management with our clients. Whether you come from a business or a computer science background, we have to fit in our customer's landscape, no matter which tool we prefer personally. That is why we collectively strive too cover as much of "leaders' quadrant of the Gartner magic quadrant in these fields: data cleaning and manipulation, data visualization, and app development. 

Come and contribute to a great company:

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